An interview with: Eduardo Calderon

Tell us about your Kirkland background.
I've lived in Kirkland for a long time. Susan and I bought a house in 1977 in the Juanita area, and we're still there. It was a cabin when we bought it. It's still a cabin, but bigger now.  We were living in Seattle for a year and a half, looking for an affordable place to buy. At the time, moving out of Seattle was more affordable. We had a dog, so were looking for a place with a big yard; we wanted a place where our dog could run free.

What do you find special about being an artist in Kirkland?
My work takes me out of town, so for me, Kirkland has always been the place I come back to. I have a darkroom in my house, so that is where I do half of my work: making the prints. I like being there because I'm by myself, it's quiet, and the only thing that could interrupt me would be the telephone.

What do you find unique about living in Kirkland?
When we first moved here, it was really quiet. There was hardly anything going on in Kirkland; it was like going out of town. Since then, things have changed... but relatively speaking, it's quieter, prettier, and more open than many surrounding areas.

Has living in Kirkland influenced your artistic outlook? If so, how?
It's just always been the place I go back to. What I do for my art has always taken me away from home, so it's nice to have home to go back to.

Inspirational Places

Are there any special places you like to go in Kirkland for artistic inspiration?
The Kirkland Arts Center has always been close to me; I've had several shows there, so I keep track of what's going on. I like what's happening now, with individual curators bringing new things. Most of my work with the Center was while Susan Purvis was the director, and she was also very creative about bringing things here. I've never lost touch with it.

What do you enjoy about Kirkland that has not changed over the years? What do you enjoy that is new?
We are lucky to live near a park that has not changed much, thanks to the local people who saved it. And we're close to Lake Washington, so we have a sense of open space that's invaluable. And that hasn't changed. I still like being there; it feels like an open place. I really like the new Kirkland Library (a King County Library).  I use it all the time. I started going years ago. I have two children, and would take my children there when they were little. The kids would go look at the books, and I would go read. And now it's gotten bigger and more user-friendly.